1st Year Law School Survival Guide : Table of Contents

I. Semester Overview and Timeline
Semester as a whole on a Month-Month Basis Task List

II. Making Case, Holding and Fact-Pattern Lists : Outlining

Importance of making case and holdings lists

Importance of making fact-pattern checklists

III. Studying and Working with Others

How to organize an efficient study group and the importance of it
Academic bartering among other 1L’s
Building a network of 2L’s and 3L’s

IV. How to study and use study aids

Before Semester Begins To Do Checklist (as soon as get your class schedule)
Classroom Preparation Options
How to take good organized notes during classes 
Post Class Tasks
Study more likely tested topics more in depth, less likely last
How to use old finals, and how to use them as you go along in the semester, opposed to just at the end
Open Book vs. Closed Book Exams & Overall Suggestions for Taking Final Exams

V. Research and Writing Class
Research and Writing Tips